Soil Turning Celebration on Couture Armadale



Melbournia Group’s boutique, 19-apartment low-rise project in Melbourne’s prestigious suburb of Armadale has commenced construction. The development has generated considerable interest and industry applause, with 65% clearance rate achieved during the pre-sale period.

  • Construction well under the way in its 5th month
  • Project completion date - June 2024
  • Soil turning celebration - Thursday 1st September 2022
  • Project team, Developer: Melbournia Group
  • MDG appointed ASX-listed builder Johns Lyng Commercial Brands
  • Lending partner, CBA

The project strategy for Couture Armadale focuses on building for the real needs of individuals without compromising quality. This is the key driver of this project’s success so far. Its Art Deco inspired authenticity is being touted as an exceptionally well-considered offering for a highly targeted audience.

Appointed as the builder for the Couture Armadale luxury project, Daniel Meiklejohn, Executive General Manager, John Lyng Commercial Builders commented, “We are very excited about this appointment with Zoe Zhu and her team. We are absolutely committed to delivering the project and meeting the high expectations of the market. It’s a winning combination when a partnership has a shared mindset that upholds the same principles and values with the aim to produce quality,” he added, enthusiastically endorsing the collaboration.

Melbournia Developments also collaborated with architecture company Peddle Thorpe. Peter Brook, Director, Peddle Thorpe International says that the project itself will offer a different level of interest.

“We’ve seen decades of much of the same from state to state, city to city. Couture Armadale has most definitely been approached with a level of integrity that’s rare in the industry,” Brooke said. “I always value our creative collaborations with Melbournia Group. My team and I respect the project vision, how they work and the mindset that they apply to each and every development."

Melbournia Group, Director and Founder, Zoe Zhu Melbournia Group said, “The success we’ve seen with Couture Armadale so far, doesn’t really surprise us. The market, rightly, won’t stand for anything less now. In our highly scrutinised industry, you must listen to your market. But beware of just paying lip service to them! You must walk the talk. We believe this could flag a positive and broader industry trend that speaks to buyers as individuals.”


As developers we strive to contribute to the shaping of our future urban landscape. Bringing these ideas and visions to life for the city of Melbourne is an important responsibility. Melbournia Group integrates culture, lifestyle, history and innovation into each highly curated urban development. Each project aims to improve the day-to-day experiences of individuals and the wider community.

“There are buyers who know exactly what they want, while others land on their dream purchase when a development can be experienced physically,” explained Zhu.

She added, “The process of creation and bringing a project concept to life is the part that excites us every time. If you can do this in collaboration with the same minds, you then have the power and capability to execute, and ultimately to deliver successfully.”

CBA is the major funding partner for the Couture Armadale project reflecting confidence in the market but importantly in Melbournia Group’s repute and experience across the project team.

The overwhelming feedback from the market indicates continued interest and an impending 100% clearance rate in the next phase of the development’s marketing strategy. One buyer who purchased three apartments including a penthouse in the development said, “I love the project vision and what it has brought to life.”

A true local who is used to living in prestigious areas, loves the convenient surroundings and the lifestyle. With his retirement approaching, he and his wife are now looking forward to the completion of the development. Armadale attracts a cultural, educated and high-earning community that appreciates its adjoining suburbs’ offers of high-end shopping, restaurants and boutiques.

The development is the brain child of Kevin Phuong, Director, Melbournia Group. “It was important that it could express a level of detail not usually offered in an apartment setting, and that there was a real sense of thoughtful living integrated throughout.”

Phuong added, “Couture Armadale respects this in a way that most apartment developments gloss over. The fact is the market is astute and apartment living shouldn’t feel like a compromise.”

"This is an exciting project,” Brooke concluded. “We’ve woven functionality into the residences to preserve what's often lost in apartment living. This project celebrates apartment living luxury and opulence. Couture Armadale is a fine balance of the two.”


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