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Bringing development ideas into reality.

We are a consulting company behind some of Australia’s most awarded developers. We collaborate together with clients in every stage of the development process from feasibility studies, site acquisition, marketing intelligence, project due diligence, marketing, sales, facilitating construction finance, settlement and project leasing. Since our establishment in 2007, we are involve with single project end value exceed hundreds millions. These projects comprise of high density developments, medium density developments and master planned communities. We set ourselves apart by our track records, the outstanding results that we deliver and commitment to our work. Our project consultation services include all areas of the development process. Key aspects include:

- Site Acquisition

Pre purchase analysis, we work with developers on conducting preliminary due diligence, market research, feasibility study to ensure the best possible outcome, realisation of the potential financial return and optimise possibilities of the site layout / scheme.

- Project Due Diligence

After site has been acquired,we work with developers with project's feasibilities. Key topic area include: project branding, design functional brief, concept, planning permits approvals, procurement structure and project team. Development stages and progress recommendations are offered and we can oversee the project stages, product mix, pricing, project layout & floorpan design and expected sales rates. 

- Marketing Intelligence

Our expertise and resources allows us to extend the service from project and price comparables; area research; underpinning the strategies and recommendations; to offering access to the latest full scale of market information and reports. We work with our marketing team and PR agencies to formulate and deliver the marketing programs. Working closely with every part on marketing collaterals, sales display design, fit out & styling, collaborate with interior designers, architects, stylists and photography. We integrate advertising and marketing across the platform in creating a marketing strategy and program that will build your brand to connect with purchasers, create leads and ultimately to deliver the sales results.

- Sales

The main part of our services also includes providing project sales teams. Facilities suitable sales process, sales strategies and closely collaborating with marketing programs to ultimately delivering the most desirable sales results. We make recommendations for customised database development, marketing, integration and sales management. Our sales administration team successfully manage contracts from signing and deposit taken to the closure of sale. It is a compressive service that includes: day to day liaison with vendor solicitors, all sales parties, administration of all contracts, deposits, managing trust accounting, disbursement of all fund transfers, project reporting and monitoring; administrating developers’, solicitors’s customer relationship management software specific to projects.

 - Finance and construction

We assist in preparing documentation for tendering, negotiating and award contracts. Facilitating development finance, from valuation, assisting in preparing funding documentation to security equity and debts.

- Delivery and Settlement

Our settlement department has a wealth experiences in projects sales, contracts and common legal, we handle thousands of settlement transactions each year. Liaison with vendor solicitors and purchasers, triggering settlement, assisting retail purchasers’ finances, settlements bookings and arrange final inspections are all part of our service. Regular communications and reporting with developers ensure every settlement is a smooth transaction.

- Project leasing and ongoing management

Melbournia have been pioneering project leasing in the last decade. Our aim is to mostly achieve by securing tenants prior to the project settles. We have well trained, experienced project leasing and supporting team. We apply project sales campaign approach to project leasing results in effective adverting, higher rental yield and faster turnaround for corporate clients. Our current portfolio covers metropolitan of Melbourne: apartments buildings in CBD and fringe and built form developments in outer suburban.

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