Icons Management

Melbournia Real Estate is becoming highly regarded within the industry for its highly professional service and dedication to its clients. Our asset management department, has a wealth of sales experience (over a decade) and the know how to deal with all sorts of complex situations and people from all walks of life. Our team of property managers have an exceptional eye for detail in documentation and professional photography skills really can make a difference to the maintaining and marketing of your property.

The role of a Property Manager is not simply to collect rent. Their role is to effectively manage the asset of their client by obtaining the maximum annual return in the quickest time possible and achieving capital growth by ensuring that the property is managed and maintained to the highest standard. At Melbournia Real Estate, we understand that good communication and being able to get along with Tenants as well as Landlords is vital. To achieve this, the Property Manager plays a vast and significant role in the real estate profession.

Engaging a qualified and dedicated manager has proven to be the most economical and efficient way to ensure you maximise the return of your investment. You need to have proper knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act and be aware of any changes to many rules and regulations of a tenancy.